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Unrivaled Educational & Outdoor Program

Rich Indigenous Culture

Unparalleled Wildlife

Pristine Wilderness

Vancouver Island West International Program

Why study with us?

An Exceptional Outdoor Education Program

Students choose adventures tailored to their interests and comfort level.

Quality Education

Small class sizes of up to 12 students allow students to excel in a dynamic and supportive learning environment. Our teachers care for students - plain and simple. You will be challenged to reach your potential and academic goals.

The Opportunity to Travel and Explore on the Edge of Canada

Students will discover our spectacular coastal district, learn in remote schools and communities, and immerse themselves in our unique coastal culture.


Rich Culture and Heritage

Students will learn about Canada's Indigenous people, and to appreciate their sense of place and history. This is where first contact with Europeans was made between Captain Cook and Chief Maquinna.

Small Community Experience

Our small communities provide safe, connected and caring environments and are very welcoming to International students.


Claudia & Markus PH.d  (German Parents)

 "Please let us take the opportunity to express our respect for your amazing work with young people. Unfortunately our time, is increasingly dominated by a raise for income, efficiency and selfishness.
How great that there are still places and people who oppose this development! We have been involved in education for many years (kindergarten,  school, university). More and more, we do believe that all intellectual education on solidarity, fairness, natural reserve and justice have little effect unless we create opportunities to develop personalities and real experiences in community and nature.
Your work seems to be a shining example. We are very grateful.
Jascha was happy to come home, but also sad because a part of his heart stayed in Canada.  Thank you so much!"




What makes our program special:

Unique Indigenous Culture

In the Nootka Sound region, home of the Mowachaht/ Muchalaht First Nation, you can meet direct descendants and experience the culture of a nation who trace their roots back into the mists of time. They were one of the few Indigenous people of the Pacific Coast that hunted whales. Whaling was central to their culture and spirituality and is reflected in their traditional songs, stories, dances, family lines and numerous place names.

You can visit the site of the 4,300 year old village and walk the beach where Captain Cook first met Chief Maquinna in 1778. Some 200 years later the Mowachaht/Muchalaht joined other Western Vancouver Island Indigenous peoples, and became known as the Nuu-Chah-Nulth, meaning  'all along the mountains'.

Homestay Program

Students live with safe, friendly families in the community that provide care and support during their stay with the Vancouver Island West International Program.

With the support of the local Homestay Manager, Homestay families provide meals and transportation to and from school activities and events. Students are involved with family celebrations and outings, becoming a true member of the household.

For camp programs, the International Program dorms are used. Students are cared for by a full-time cook, chaperones/camp leaders and cleaning staff. The dorm facilities include a gym, full kitchen and dining area, library, playground, track and playing field.

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Interested in becoming a Homestay Family?
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Nootka Sound Outdoor Program

International students have full access to participate in the popular Nootka Sound Outdoor Program (NSOP) at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Through experiential and outdoor learning, NSOP allows students to earn credits toward graduation while engaging in wilderness adventures. This unique, certified program, offered during class time and weekends, provides students the flexibility to choose activities that interest them at their comfort level.

'The program really pushed me to better myself as a person... it really helped me to open up and take on more challenges in life.'
What kind of activities are there?


- Wilderness Camping

- Skiing

- Snowshoeing

- Winter Camping

- Canoeing

- Kayaking

- Caving

- Rock Climbing

- Fly Fishing

- Horseback Riding

- Archery

- Surfing

- Paddle Boarding

- Sailing

- Scuba Diving

- Hiking

Goals & Skills

- Avalanche Safety

- Wilderness First Aid

- Navigation

- Work Experience

- Risk Analysis

- Marketable Skills

- Outdoor Skills

You'll experience...

- Teamwork

- Hands on Learning

- Volunteering

- Stewardship

You'll build...

- Confidence

- Self Reliance

- Perseverance

- Character

Adventure & Challenge

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